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iWalk Scorpion Pad QI Wireless Charger

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Powerful and expandable
Looking for a wireless charging pad that can also has a USB charging outlet? The iWalk Scorpion PAD Wireless Charger is the solution. The pad itself can charge both Apple and Samsung wireless-charging products. The built-in USB port lets you charge another device at the same time. This black Scorpion PAD charger is equipped with magnetic conductors. This lets you daisy-chain 2 more Scorpions without having to power them from a wall outlet. While your electronics are charging, you won’t have to worry about overcurrent, overcharging or short circuiting. The Scorpion PAD will safely charge your devices.

  • Built-in induction cord with fast wireless charging technology
  • 10W/7.5W charging speed, depending on the device
  • Built-in USB A port (5V/2A max) for simultaneously charging 2 devices
  • Magnetic conductors enable connection of 2 additional Scorpion PADs while requiring power from just 1 outlet so a variety of devices can be charged simultaneously
  • Includes micro US cable & QC wall charger
Category: Wireless Charging
Tag: Draadloos laden
EAN: 6952015422770
SKU: ADS008-001A
Voltage output 1: 5V
Capacity: 2000mAH
Max power (Watt): 10W