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iWalk Urban with Smart LCD 10000mAh Black

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The iWalk Urban power bank, a powerful 10000mAh power bank with LED screen that shows the capacity of the battery. The Urban has a simple and elegant design with anti-slip for the right grip. And is ideal to take with you on the road or while traveling. This power bank does not have built-in cables and can also not charge wirelessly.
The Urban has two output ports suitable for iPhone and Android devices. 2 devices can also be charged simultaneously. The iWalk Urban protects your device against excessive current, overheating and overcharging by the built-in protections.

Simple, compact design suitable for carrying.
Large capacity 10000 mAh
No built-in own cables
Allowed to take on plane
Charge 2 devices at the same time.
LED screen with battery capacity

Category: Portable Power
Tags: USB-C,USB,Micro USB
EAN: 69520154255
SKU: UBU10000-001A
Voltage output 1: 5V
Capacity: 10000mAh
Max output (Ampere): 2.0
Voltage output 2: 5V